May 15-17,2024
Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall
-- days until opening

New energy Hairpin Motors Intelligent Manufacturing technology exhibition area
Motor casing, stator components and production equipment, rotor component production equipment, automated production line equipment, measurement and testing equipment, etc.;

New energy vehicle power battery intelligent manufacturing technology exhibition area
Battery cell module/PACK equipment, lithium battery materials, lithium battery equipment, testing equipment, automated robots, machine vision, battery automated production line equipment, etc.;

New energy vehicle wire harness processing and connection technology exhibition area
Wire harness processing equipment, wire harness wires and wiring, connectors and plug-ins, measurement and testing equipment, etc.

New energy vehicle welding and assembly automation technology exhibition area
Welding engineering system integration, welding and connection technology, quality control and testing, assembly automation, tightening equipment, etc.;

New energy automobile parts processing and mold injection technology exhibition area
Injection molds, 3D printing technology, battery chassis processing technology, battery/electronic control management box processing, motor housing processing technology, new energy vehicle parts testing and manufacturing automation equipment,Molds/materials and accessories, etc.